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I began my journey on the tattoo trail back in 2003 right here in my native Seattle. Since then, I've developed a portfolio that showcases the type of work I excel at and am excited by. I specialize in American Traditional and Traditional Japanese style tattooing, bold and bright color or classic black and grey depending on the piece and the client. Themes I'm captured by range from classic American imagery to deities and beasts of the eastern tattoo tradition, and pretty much any organic subjects. I feel these best convey the raw archetypes, emotions and personal journeys that a tattoo is meant to represent. I am always invested in helping to create a tattoo that feels right for the client, and maximizing the potential of an image on the body. While I do have a plethora of larger, bold work in my portfolio I'm happy to do smaller, softer pieces if that suits the client. Okay, enough reading...now come get tattooed!